About Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota (Sokol MN) is affiliated with American Sokol, which grew out of an international movement founded in Prague in 1862 by Dr. Miroslav Tyrš.

We are a social, cultural, educational and gymnastic organization. Through our many social activities and educational programs, we seek to preserve and transmit the vitality of our Czech, Slovak and immigrant heritage to future generations.

The historic Česko-Slovanský Podporující Spolek (C.S.P.S.) Hall at 383 Michigan Street in the West Seventh neighborhoods of Saint Paul has been our home since 1879, and the focal point for our activities in Saint Paul since the current building was built in 1887. It was declared a National and State Historic Site in 1977, placed on the National Register of Historic Sites, and is the longest serving Czech-Slovak cultural center in the United States, and oldest theater and national hall in the State of Minnesota.

Czech & Slovak Sokol Minnesota welcomes all who share an interest in history, culture, gymnastics and good fellowship. You need not be Czech or Slovak to be a member.

C.S.P.S. Sokol Hall Capital Campaign:

We deeply appreciate contributions to our historic hall's Legacy Fundraising Campaign

2014 is the 127th anniversary of C.S.P.S. Sokol Hall. For our 125th anniversary in 2012, Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota engaged in fund raising for capital projects: in 2012 and 2013, we removed asbestos, upgraded the heating and plumbing systems, installed a fire suppression sprinkling system, and repaired and refinished the second hall floor.

We are now completing Phase I for the installation of air conditioning to make our building user-friendly all seasons of the year. We invite you to donate to help us continue this project in Phase II, as well as the restoration of one of the most venerable institutions in Saint Paul's West End.

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Upcoming 2014 Events

Czech and Slovak Festival
Sunday, September 14 
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
C.S.P.S. Hall: 383 Michigan at West 7th Street

Sokol Minnesota will celebrate its 25th annual Czech and Slovak Festival with a return to the historic C.S.P.S. Hall as a fun-filled afternoon for the whole family—and community. Everyone becomes Czech, Slovak, Bohemian, Moravian for the day as they are drawn into our festivities. Come early, stay late, and bring your friends and family! The festival will take place both inside and outside the building. 

Domažlice Bagpipe Band/Domažlická Dudácká Muzika
Sunday, October 19: 1:30 p.m.

Dinner and Dance!
Friday evening, October 24: dinner and bar, 6:30 p.m.
Dance 7:30 - 10:00 p.m. featuring the Jerry Kadlec Trio Band

Guided tour of the Saintly City
exploring its Czech and German-Bohemian heritage.
Friday, October 24.

Activities at our historic C.S.P.S Hall include: