Sokol Fitness Programming:
Sokol Gymnastics provides a safe and fun learning environment to help your child become a better gymnast and a better person.

All classes take place in the historic C.S.P.S. Hall
383 Michigan Street, Saint Paul at the intersections of Michigan, Western, and West 7th Streets. The C.S.P.S. Hall is the oldest fitness center in Minnesota, with a continuous program since Sokol MN's founding in 1882.

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota takes pride in sending its gymnastics teachers to National Instructors' Schools around the country. This training allows us to meet the needs of our students, using the latest, up-to-date instruction techniques.

First session: September 14 to November 17
Second session: November 23 to February 9
(no classes December 21 through 31)
Third session: February 15 to April 19

"Safety first, second and always."

Sokol Gymnastics provides a safe and fun learning environment to help your child become a better gymnast and a better person. Your child will have fun while learning exciting new skills. Our program boasts small class sizes. We give the gymnasts plenty of individual attention.

2015- 16 Brochure (.pdf)

Over 130 years providing
fitness programming
in the West 7th area of Saint Paul.

1930 girls' competition
in the West End's Palace Playground

Young Beginners: $57

Young beginner classes for boys and girls ages 4 to 6 are held each week on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 6:45 p.m.

The goal of these classes is to provide a solid introduction of gymnastics and to improve coordination and loco-motor skills.

The first years bring fun and success as new skills are gained and new friendships are formed.

women's trainers

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota instructors
(L-R): Courtney Benson (women’s head instructor) with Erica, Siri, and Alice

Boys Gymnastics $57

Mondays from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Boys from ages 6+ work to learn the basics of gymnastics while learning technique, from and strength building.

Coach Jason works hard with each gymnast, while also creating a fun learning environment.

Jason Brozovich (men’s head instructor)

Jason Brozovich,
Men’s Head Instructor

Circa 1902
womens' fitness course

Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced $70

Female gymnasts from ages 7 to 17 are together in a combined beginners/intermediate/advances class on Tuesday from 6:45 to 8:30 p.m.

Each student sets individual goals, and then follows the proper progressions to meet those goals.

With continuous learning and practice through out the course, the gymnasts improve their skills and have fun!

Bare feet are mandatory for the safety of the gymnasts; leotards are recommended.

Sokol Minnesota is part of the American Sokol, which has gymnastic programs in 24 units across the U.S.A. American Sokol requires membership of one parent/guardian for all gymnasts. Annual membership in Sokol MN is $50 (single) $90 (couple), with new membership fee of $5. The annual membership fee is in addition to class fees.

If you are looking for an gymnastic program that empowers all skill levels, contact us at