Shifting Landscapes in Central Europe

By Josef A. Mestenhauser

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota and Czech and Slovak Culture Society of Minnesota are proud to announce the publication of Shifting "Landscapes in Central Europe, The Czech and Slovak Republics and their Relations with the United States of America", by Josef A. Mestenhauser.

Dr. Mestenhauser joined Sokol at the age of 6 in 1931 in Czechoslovakia and has remained a member ever since. He escaped from Czechoslovakia in March 1948. After completing his higher education, he entered a long 60-year career in international education, during which he published more than 125 books, articles, and monographs. With the essays in this new book, he devoted his writing to his Czechness, together with his American identity. He is a Distinguished International Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development. He became the Czech Honorary Consul in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota during the visit of President Václav Havel to Minnesota in 1999 and remained Honorary Consul for ten years

The book is a collection of 52 essays that he started writing in 2007 each month for Slovo, the monthly newsletter of the Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota, and the website of the Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota (CSCC). These essays are intended to provide quick snapshots about significant events in the Czech and Slovak Republics, and their relations with the United States, such as the fate of Lidice, the fate of the Czechoslovak gold reserves, the death of Jan Masaryk, the impact of the Munich Agreement, the absence of the Western powers during the communist coup d’etat, the nature of Václav Havel’s civil society, and others. The prospective audience is anyone who wishes to understand key developments that have affected relationships between these countries.

The boards of Sokol Minnesota and CSCC decided jointly to publish these essays in book and electronic formats for wider circulation. Mestenhauser has given these organizations his copyright so that proceeds from the sale can be used for educational programs of these two organizations.

These essays form a unified whole about a country caught in international intrigues, occupations, totalitarianism, and liberation as it strives to regain its place among the Western democracies based on Václav Havel’s concept of civil society. Topics are researched for factual accuracy, and are interspersed with Mestenhauser’s own experiences beginning with the Munich agreement that split the country, with the Nazi occupation, and with subsequent liberation. He occasionally includes accounts of his leadership role as a student leader against the rising influence and power of the Stalinist communist party facilitated in part by the lethargy of the Western powers. He returned to Czechoslovakia after some 45 years as a Fulbright Professor and continues to wonder what caused the communists to take power so easily, how people and institutions adjusted to totalitarianism, and what the impact was on the cognitive resources of the people.

The book can be purchased from Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota in either soft-cover book at $16.00 +$3.50 SH, in CD at $14.00 +$3.00SH, or as an online electronic version at $12.00. Only pre-paid orders are accepted.

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